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Horror stories of that first round of midterms in freshman year, those late nights at Fondy, and the regret after a few too many drinks at Beer Bike. Tall tales of the most sadistic STEM professors, exactly how long the Chaus line got that day, and how badly Rice lost that football game. Age-old traditions at other residential colleges that you may never come to know. Gastroenteritis somehow beating out COVID-19 as the first true outbreak on campus. Kanye West’s “Donda chant” echoing through Rice during Radio Free Sid. The horrid 24 hours of non-stop “Feliz Navidad” on Baker Christmas.

Seniors might be able to reminisce about their first year at Rice before COVID-19. Underclassmen might leave Rice only ever knowing a college life where they scrambled over weekly emails from Kirby or Baylor. Whoever they are, every student at Rice has stories to tell.

Even then—in a few years, when our time at Rice is long gone, the Rice experience of past and present may blur into remnants of a fever dream or mere urban legends that we can’t remember are real or fake.

But it’s not just an urban legend.

It’s in the Campanile.

The Campanile

6100 Main St
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 348-6097

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